On Something 

Online exhibition with MOCA London, 2021

John Wynne

On Something is a project commissioned by MOCA London in 2021. It emerged incrementally as a series of Instagram videos produced through a month of studio experimentation exploring the interaction of sound, images, objects and words in a three dimensional physical space. At the beginning of May, the George Floyd murder trial was happening: the starting point for the first video was the justification given by Derek Chauvin for his use of excessive force, that Mr Floyd was “large” and that he appeared to be “on something”, and the sound is feedback produced with a loudhailer. The remainder of the twelve pieces developed in a progressive, aleatoric way, with loose formal and thematic threads running throughout. They all involve some sort of interactivity between sound and image, though the relationship is more direct and discernible in some cases than in others. I see the individual pieces as sketches for further installation and performance work, but also as miniatures that stand on their own as loops designed for online viewing.

If possible, please listen on good speakers or headphones.