Fallender ton für 207 lautsprecher boxen
(Falling tone for 207 speakers)

2Yk Galerie, Berlin, 2004

John Wynne



"Sounds like heaven... and hell. Thank you for the idea."

"The intersection of the tones: you think you hear something and it is coming from yourself."

From the Gallery visitor's book


"Scary and impressive at the same time:  this enormous, huge energy, this cruel curiosity of waiting for the crash. The end within sight and the  infinity of the falling tone ... after listening for a long time you do not ask yourself if it is pleasant or unpleasant: just knowing that something has happened creates fears in me. This is a successful piece for us know-it-alls." 

Andreas Schuster

Fallender ton was featured on the cover of Soundscape,
he Journal of Acoustic Ecology

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